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Plant and Safety Employees feature in the White Ensign Association Newsletter

From Flying with The RAF to Flying the Flag of Plant and Safety

Plant and Safety Limited are proud of our team and look to demonstrate the commitment to ex-Armed Forces personnel and understand the wealth of knowledge and experience that these individuals bring to any organisation.

With over 100 years of combined service and boasting the skills and expertise from all Tri services, our engineers and ex-servicemen bring new depths and commitments to the services rendered by Plant and Safety.

So why do we see the value in this cause? Our servicemen are trained to work and operate in times of adversity, to react and operate where high levels of stress and anxiety overrule. Would it make sense that if given time and the comfort of security and remove the pressure that we now have a group of diverse and highly trained and accredited individuals that in isolation or collectively can overcome all obstacles put in their way.

Our engineers are excellent communicators and have years of engineering experience in a number of disciplines, they are our friends, and we bring them on board as a family. Together with the hard-working individuals already operating at Plant and Safety the team is now Galvanized and as such our success has led to continued success and growth of our business.

If you see our men in the field, you should take the time to talk to them for they have life experience like no others. So we continue to support our Armed Forces Personnel and should the time ever come where your years are in or you simply need a change, then feel free to give Plant and Safety a call. You don’t need to talk about work as sometimes its just good to connect and know when you leave, that there are new adventures and families that want you.

Source of information: HSE, The White Ensign Association Newsletter October 2022 Edition 20 .  CLICK HERE to read the original article. 

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